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Pedro Oliva Jr. is a native of Miami, Florida but moved to sunny Southwest Florida when he was 13. Having spent half his life in Southwest Florida, he now considers this home.

His experience includes working as a Firefighter/Paramedic since 2015. He holds the title of Medical and Rescue Specialist for the local Urban Search and Rescue Task Force Team, providing advanced skills in natural and man-made disasters. He is currently an EMS Coordinator and provides medical training to firefighter crews alongside quality assurance. Mr. Oliva Jr. has also earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Safety Administration.

Pedro gained a passion for wellness after working several years as a Firefighter. Seeing coworkers and patients develop injuries, diseases, and disabilities, he thought to himself, “there must be a way to alleviate these issues and improve people’s health before it deteriorates.” After being introduced to regenerative and performance medicine, Pedro teamed up with Dr. Paul Tritel to create the Fountain of Youth!